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Our Vision and Mission

Shiv Shakti Institute Khorsi


The college is motivated to provide a platform for higher education to young talent. The college is responsible for providing all the requirements to those students. Students have to be empowered and strengthened for various difficulties and all kinds of challenges in their lives.


The college provides better facilities to the students in the field of education. The college provides students with quality education, experience, technical facilities and basic education, so that the student can fulfill the dreams of his bright future. The college leads students to success through safe environment, communication skills, creative, cultural programs. Our main objective is to provide a platform to young teachers from villages.


  • Our college establishes quality education keeping in mind the interest of the students so that a knowledge-based society can be built. The college has been set up primarily for the purpose of human resource development and to increase the capacity of students with the ultimate goal of contributing to the country’s capacity building and socioeconomic development.
  • The college provides equal opportunity of education to the students of every class so that no one in the society is left behind in the field of education. Looks for the diverse social, economic and educational needs of different categories of students from outside the state.
  • Development of students is a major area of ​​college administration. It aims to develop students’ ability for global competition by creating highly skilled professors. This work will establish intimacy between nature and students.
  • Adequate value systems are necessary for the correct and overall use of the knowledge and skills acquired during the training of students.
  • The college ensures the facilities of safe environment, educational environment, easy traffic system, vehicle facilities, digital library etc. for the students.
  • Universal values ​​systems such as truth, logic, patience, tolerance etc. encourage students for a peaceful and healthy life with mutual support and understanding.
  • The college ensures that higher education is the main objective in education training and nation building. To be a major contributor to the college in this process, the college periodically adopts all the students it needs to ensure that a high quality of education is provided to the number of students and thus the college education to be made effective to develop as a center in the field of.
Shiv Shakti Institute



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